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For example, on day 56 of human gestation, one particular hormone is required for the organs of the fetus to begin developing testicles or the fetus will not develop as a male. If the timed sequence of hormone signals is disrupted, development of the male reproductive organs can be skewed, resulting in undescended testicles or other problems.

Chronic exposure to hormone disrupters during the, embryo stage can result in functional loss of ovarian follicles in females. As these women develop, this can lead to decreased progesterone productio, which results in estrogen dominance, PMS, endometriosis and miscarriages. Many other types of' ovarian dysfunction can also be linked to these earlier exposures.

The effects of chemical and hormonal alterations can thus be imprinted in the developing fetus like a ticking time bomb. Although it appears that a healthy baby has been born, it many take many years if not decades for the real damage to become apparent.